What is residential built strata?

Residential built strata is the construction of multiple class 1 dwellings on a single lot.

What is the purpose of a Building Approval Certificate – Strata?

A building approval certificate – strata (BAC – Strata) is required to obtain approval and subsequent titles for the sale of residential built strata. A built strata scheme recognises cubic space where buildings have been constructed and is used to define strata lot boundaries.

What do I need to do to apply for a Building Approval Certificate – Strata?

In order to get the BA16 – Building Approval Certificate Strata you will be required to pay a fee and submit an application to the relevant council. Your application will need to include the following:

1. BA15 – Application for Building Approval Certificate – Strata;

2. Strata Plan and Form 5 Certificate from a licensed land surveyor;

3. BA18 – Certificate of Building Compliance and all technical certificates.

Note: Built strata with a total land area of more than 2500m2 or with more than 5 dwellings shall require additional Approval from the Western Australian Planning Commission – which in most cases is delegated to the local authority. Speak to your licensed land surveyor about obtaining all of the correct forms.

What is a Certificate of Building Compliance?

The BA18 – Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC) is a certification from the registered Building Surveyor that the constructed buildings comply with the applicable building standards and the approvals which have been issued – confirming that the buildings are safe for occupancy. We will need relevant certificates on which we rely upon for the issue of a CBC. These include:

1. Strata Plan and form 5 signed by the licensed land surveyor;

2. Completion certificate for plumbing and gas;

3. Completion certificate for electrical works;

4. Completion certificate for termite treatment;

5. Any engineer inspections undertaken during construction i.e. compaction;

6. BA7 – Notice of Completion from the builder;

7. The DA and BP numbers to be referenced on BA18.

At Green Start Consultants we have registered Building Surveyors able to inspect your buildings and issue a CBC promptly, efficiently and at a competitive price. Speak to us today to get a quote and organise your next statutory inspection.

Due to constantly evolving legislation the information provided within this blog may no longer be valid. The advice given on this site is general in nature and does not take into account your specific circumstances. Please email one of our building surveyors to check what is right for you

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