Green Start Consulting’s Building Surveyors has just received information that the Western Australian government has recently announced changes to swimming pool barrier laws.

The Building Regulations 2012 will be amended to adopt the Building Code of Australia requirements for swimming pool safety barriers. Currently, the Building Code references the 2012 version of Australian Standard AS 1926.1, while the Building Regulations references the 1993 version of AS1926.1.

The discussion process was initiated in August 2013 when the Building Commission released a discussion paper, Swimming and Spa Safety Barriers: Proposal for Western Australia to adopt AS 1926.1-2012 through the Building Code of Australia, which started the ball rolling. Part of the project’s purpose was to remove WA variations in the Building Code of Australia relating to safety barriers for new pools. The proposed amendment to introduce the 2012 version of AS 1926.1 was supported by industry and local government and was originally slated to commence on 1 May 2015, but was unable to be delivered at that time.

Now, the Building Commission hopes to implement the amended Regulations on 1 May 2016. From that date, the 2012 version of AS 1926.1 will apply to new swimming pools associated with certain residential classes of buildings. However, if for any reason the Regulations are not amended in time for a 1 May 2016 commencement, the current Regulations for swimming pools will still apply.

Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in children under 5 in Australia, and swimming pools are the leading location, accounting for over half those deaths. Swimming pool barriers save lives every year by preventing young children from accessing pools unattended and drowning. Green Start Consulting considers it vital that the Building Regulations’ standards relating to swimming pool barriers be brought up to date with the 2012 standards as soon as possible. Green Start Consulting also supports the proposed amendment to bring the regulations in line with a nationally consistent framework.

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