AS4654-2012: Waterproofing membranes for external above ground use

At last the BCA has now included a standard on how to address two of the biggest problem areas when it comes to the ingress of water into residential houses. It is a common complaint from homeowners and up until now mainly due to a lack of literature available to guide industry. Dampness leads to unhealthy conditions for the occupants such as mould and damage to the building fabric itself. It is believed to be such a problem that the Building Commission has decided to put out an Industry Bulletin about the subject, IB037/2014: Waterproofing of external above ground building elements.

The 2013 addition of the BCA (both volumes 1 and 2) which comes into effect in WA on the 1st of May 2014 now references the standard for the first time.

You can download a copy by clicking on the text, IB037/2014: Waterproofing of external above ground building elementsor if you prefer to contact our friendly building surveyor.

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