Building Surveyors and Energy Assessors are playing a game where the umpires are always moving the goal posts. Last week I attended a cosy presentation on the Market Trends in Sustainable Development by Mr Mark Pitman (PhD). Mark specializes in the theory of ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Development) and had a lot to say. I think I was the only building surveyor there!

To summarize:
• Mark envisions that the future will deliver more value oriented solutions to complying with the BCA (for both commercial and residential type work).
• He spoke of the idea of a lean and efficient process. Is it just me or is lean design a very popular buzzword at the moment?
• Mark thought that there should be more coordination and collaboration in design.

What this means to your next project is that it is a great idea to have the building surveyor, planner and energy efficiency assessor all on the same team working for you to ensure the objective is realised.

At Green Start Consulting we offer all 3 of these services in house. Our energy assessors work closely with our building surveyor and planning specialist to ensure you have the ESD solution that you need without compromising on the building that you want.

Our experience will save you time and money.

Thanks for reading.

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